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Simple Email Spam Filtering with Microsoft C# .NET and JQuery

When I first created the website for my business ABION LLC, I put my email address on the first page, and it was a disaster to put it mildly. I was bombarded with all kinds of spam messages every day and I eventually had to shut down the email account due to all the spam. Now I have several websites, all full feature Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Web Applications with Microsoft SQL Server databases, including the one for ABION LLC. I also have a website for my CV at, and also other example web applications as well like All of these are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud at Microsoft's Eastern USA data center. All of them are implemented in the Microsoft C# .NET programming language. Also, all of them use JQuery Javascript framework.

Source code for these web applications, and other software projects I have worked on, is available on the public internet at at the following:

What I did was to put my e…

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