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Using Void Pointers and Generics with the C++ Programming Language

C++ programming language is currently a widely used powerful language, which allows for Object Oriented Development with Classes, and also has advanced features such as the Standard Template Library (STL) and also the use of Generics. Not only is it fully Object Oriented, but C++ also allows for low level memory management, and is backwardly compatible with the C programming language.

C++ is particularly well suited for large, complex systems development. Currently, it is the main software platform for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which is the worlds most technologically advanced aircraft. Also, C++ is the main programming language for the NASA SLS Artemis Rocket launch systems, which will carry astronauts to the Moon and Beyond to Mars.

NASA SLS Artemis Rocket Video CLICK HERE.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, also known officially as the  Lightning II, is manufactured by Lockheed Martin in a joint partnership with the USA Department of Defense and various USA Allies, such as the Unit…

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